Performance Management Laboratory

Laboratory Mission


The mission of the laboratory is to conduct translational and applied research to better understand how to best train and support employees and volunteers serving vulnerable populations. The lab is directed by Dr. Florence DiGennaro Reed whose applied research is conducted within a behavioral consultation model with community organizations. In addition, the research facilities include operant laboratories that allow investigations of translational questions in a highly controlled setting. Recently, our research has expanded to include the study of behavioral economics as it pertains to the needs of organizations.

The lab's mission also includes preparing students for highly rewarding careers. Specifically, the lab trains graduate students as translational and applied researchers in the areas of performance management and organizational behavior management. Undergraduate students may seek experiences to prepare them for graduate study or entry-level positions.

For more information, visit Dr. DiGennaro Reed's KU bio or the lab's Facebook page. Please also email Dr. DiGennaro Reed at