The Performance Management Lab includes highly trained and skilled undergraduate students specializing in Organizational Behavior Management. They work as organizational consultants under the supervision of Dr. DiGennaro Reed and as research assistants under the supervision of graduate students. The following students were invited to join the lab after a rigorous interview process involving structured interviews, work sampling, and role plays.

  • Matt Harbison
  • Ryan Gallagher
  • Olivia Hunt
  • Ali Fowler
  • Alina Usenko
  • Allie Heiner

Post-Doctoral Fellow / University Scholar

Performance Management Laboratory

Abigail Blackman, MS

Denys Brand, PhD

Matt Novak, BS

Abby is a first-year graduate student in the Performance Management Laboratory at the University of Kansas. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Binghamton University, she went on to pursue her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and Organizational Behavior Management at Florida Institute of Technology. During her graduate training, under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Podlesnik and Dr. Corina Jimenez-Gomez, she worked on research projects that were both applied and translational in nature. Her current research interests lie in staff and parent training. Abby hopes to be a research faculty member after completing her degree at KU.

Undergraduate Student Teammates

Matt is a third-year graduate student in the Performance Management Laboratory at the University of Kansas. After completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Syracuse University in 2012, he joined the Family Behavior Analysis Practice at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse, New York. While there, he worked under the supervision of Dr. Henry Roane, and assisted with the assessment and treatment of severe behavior disorders displayed by children with developmental disabilities. He has presented his research at regional conferences, and his current research interests include behavioral economics and organizational behavior management. His long-term goal is to secure a position at an academic research institution.

Tyler Erath, MA

Tyler is a second-year graduate student in the Performance Management Laboratory at the University of Kansas. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, as well as his Master’s degree in Experimental Psychology from Appalachian State University. Working under the supervision of Dr. Cynthia Anderson, he completed his Master’s thesis on the topic of performance management, investigating the potential utility of a stress management intervention for direct support staff serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Currently, his research interests at KU include performance management, staff training, and organizational behavior management applied to the human service setting.

Graduate Student Colleagues

Dr. Denys Brand is a Post-Doctoral Fellow/University Scholar in the Performance Management Laboratory at the University of Kansas, and joins the team from Auckland, New Zealand. After completing his bachelor's degree in psychology at the University of Auckland in 2007, Denys joined the University of Auckland Experimental Analysis of Behavior Research Unit in 2008 where he completed his master's degree.  In 2010, he joined the University of Auckland Applied Behavior Analysis program under the supervision of Dr. Oliver Mudford, and was awarded his PhD in 2015. His PhD research focused on introducing sequential analysis as a statistical method for identifying problematic sequential dependencies affecting the treatment integrity of discrete-trial teaching programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Other research interests include increasing activity engagement for people with severe dementia, and he has acted as a consultant in designing educational tabletop software for children with autism.  Denys has published in peer reviewed journals such as the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, and has presented his research at conferences in both New Zealand and the United States.  Denys is passionate about the study of behavior in both experimental and applied settings, and enjoys working alongside undergraduate and graduate students as a teacher and researcher. He is presently overseeing applied research with HomeLink Support Technologies.