Edna A. Hill Child Development Center

Performance Management Center

We also collaborate with Dr. Claudia Dozier and Dr. Pamela Neidert who supervise the Educare and Sunnyside Toddler programs, respectively, of the Child Development Center.  Our lab has assisted with developing teacher training and support procedures.  To learn more about our early research, click here.

Our applied research and service interests entail collaboration with community organizations. We have partnered with numerous organizations and professionals over the years and will continue to work with the following groups in the coming year.

iLink Support Technologies

Performance Management Laboratory

Founded in 2015, Dr. DiGennaro Reed and Dr. Michael Strouse serve as Directors of the KU/CLO Performance Management Center. The mission of the center is to measure, analyze, and use performance, key process, and quality outcome data to improve services offered by Community Living Opportunities, Inc. (CLO) and Good Life Innovations.  Essentially, our goal is to to improve the lives of consumers of services by enabling, empowering, and supporting employees and volunteers delivering services.

The Performance Management Lab is assisting iLink with evaluating its model of service including advanced security and smart home technologies with specially trained professionals who provide remote and deployed support. We are also assessing the social validity of various privacy strategies to ensure key stakeholders have input into their development and implementation. Rachel Andrews, a member of our team, works as iLink's Director of Business Development and Support. In addition, Dr. Denys Brand oversees iLink's applied research in collaboration with Dr. DiGennaro Reed.  To learn more about our early research, click here.